How to Colour An Old Photo

Colour your old photos using Adobe ® Photoshop® 

What you can achieve

What you can achieve

Add colour to your images using Curves in Photoshop for precision control to transform
old photos into full colour masterpieces. 

There are numerous ways to add colour to a black and white photograph, but this method is one of the better ones.

By using the Curves Adjustment Layers to produce our colours offers us the flexibility to go back and change or adjust the colours.
Adjusting colours in RGB mode works slightly differently to how the CMYK mode works. Red affects Blues, Green affects Reds and Blue affects the Yellows in your image. It is not as difficult as it sounds. Pull the Red Curve down to make the hair more auburn, or pull blue up when working on the skin tones to add more yellow.

A huge advantage of working with Curves is that, not only can you change colour hue and saturation quickly and easily, but you can also darken or lighten the underlying pixel information to produce a darker or lighter shade of colour – all with the same Adjustment Layer.

The RGB channel controls the lightness or darkness of the colour.

Adjusting the curve in each of the channels determines its specific hue and the amount each curve is pushed determines colour saturation.

Create a steep curve for a stronger effect and a weaker one for slighter colour changes.

Download our Step-by-Step Tutorial here colour_old_photos.

Download our source image and follow the steps on how to convert this black and white image into a coloured photograph that oozes glamour!



Here are other source images if you feel confident to try your hand at them.

Little Dragon

Little Dragon

Too Much Partying

Too Much Partying

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