2BStudioLOGOWho are the Bees? A little inside Buzz about us…

Our logo was carefully researched and Bees were chosen to represent our company as the Bee is symbolic of industry, regeneration, wisdom and creativity. The final clincher was that both founding members, namely; Heather Botha and Shelley Barnard, have surnames starting with the letter “B”, hence the 2Bs.
The 2B Studio team consists of trainers/designers who have had years of experience in their chosen fields, these range from working in advertising agencies, publishing, reproduction houses, packaging, publishing and web design. We provide high quality, fresh and modern design services, delivered with passion and enthusiasm, at affordable prices; because we love what we do!

We can assist your company to grow through Company Branding, Effective Graphic Design, Social Media and Internet Technologies. We deliver quality service anywhere. Deadlines are discussed and adhered to with quick turnaround times.2B_Studio_Ad_200pxX350px

Our belief is that training and enhanced skills offer an immediate payoff for clients and companies; by increasing their productivity and bottom-line profitability through implementation of workflows that instill cost savings. We keep up to date with news and information regarding design trends.

Log onto our Facebook page and sign up, members regularly receive tutorials, tips, tricks, discounts and announcements about the Adobe products.
Bee inspired!

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